We are Wunderman Thompson MAP – a world-leading Center of Excellence helping large businesses humanize the relationship between the brand and the customer. We do this through Marketing Automation, Personalization at scale and CRM.  

We are trusted by some of the world’s most recognized and admired brands, and we help them on their transformation journey to becoming truly customer-centric. We enable accelerated value realizationfor complex organizations, multi-national or multi-brand companies. 

We are end-to-end partners on your journey. Together, we can transform the customer experience through hyper-personalized content and omnichannel orchestration, powered by intelligent data sensory systems. WT MAP helps our partners activate through integrated technology platforms to deliver on customer-centric operating models. 

Wunderman Thompson MAP serves our clients from offices in Copenhagen, London, Toronto, Bangkok, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Munich, Stockholm and Helsinki.  

We are part of the world-wide Wunderman Thompson Network with 20,000 employees in 90 markets.  

What we do

We provide transformation consulting and develop an aspirational customer experience vision, business and investment case, strategy and roadmap. And we help design the operating model and optimized processes needed for success. 

We develop the required capabilities to help businesses and brands realize their vision one step at a time, but always with scale and efficiency in mind. Growth can be accelerated through a 'build once, deploy many' approach across markets and brands. We align the four forces of data, content, tech and operations so that they work together.  

We activate and operate 24/7around the globe. We enable brands to master complexities without unnecessary complications, allowing brands to focus on what’s most important for their customers and not get stuck in operational quicksand that too-often sinks innovation. 

Our capabilities

Come and join us

We are always looking for smart, fun and talented people to join our team – from dedicated full-timers to passionate interns and brilliant freelancers.